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National Wholesale Milk Deliveries

Delivering Fresh Milk to Restaurants, Cafes, Care homes, Offices and Businesses

Wholesale Milk Deliveries

Running a restaurant, cafe, hotel or care home is challenging enough without having to worry about your milk deliveries. Luckily, milktodoor provides really reliable milk deliveries day in day out throughout the year to make your life just that little bit easier. 

How much is a wholesale milk delivery?

The price of a milk delivery can vary depending on the quantity of milk that you order, where you are located and even which delivery days you require. The less deliveries the cheaper the milk! Prices start from around 55p per litre.

Large users of milk 

Often a milk dispenser works out a cheaper option if your business uses a large amount of milk. Not only is it cheaper but it is better for the environment requiring less deliveries and less packaging. 

Packaging counts

Choose your milk packaging, from traditional glass milk bottles, poly bottles or tetra packs. 

Full range of milk

Traditional dairy, soya, almond, oat, raw milk and barista can all be delivered to your care home, cafe, business or restaurant. 

Areas where milk can be delivered 

Wholesale milk deliveries can be made throughout all towns and cities in England, Scotland and Wales including Manchester, London, Sheffield, Cannock, Wolverhampton, Liverpool and Warrington.


How to order wholesale Milk

Step 1

Email us at to tell us about your wholesale milk requirements. 

Step 2

We will provide you with a quotation to suit your requirements and advise your delivery days (Mon to Fri in most areas)

Step 3

Pay for your office milk delivery via monthly invoice that you can pay via BACs, Paypal, Card or Direct Debit.